Android Training Course Content Overview


Android Course Content

Android Training

All the Topics given are taught in Android training.

Course Content – Android Programming

Unit 1 – Introduction to Java and Android

  • Android Stack Introduction.
  • Installing Android Studio and Develop first app on emulator
  • Architecture and building blocks
  • Android App develop process.
  • Java overview – Data types, Conditionals, Loops and Operators
  • Android UI– resources, threads, themes etc
  • Debugging in android
  • Assignments on Java Classes, Methods, Objects, Instances etc
  • Adapters, Activities, Receivers and Providers
  • Telephony System Architecture of Android

Unit 2 – Systems Programming and JNI Concepts

  • Introduction on System programming in Android
  • Java interface
  • Native library implementation
  • Develop the sample native library
  • Using native functions in Java code
  • Permissions and Security.

Unit 3 – Android Graphics and Multimedia

  • Audio / Video playback, Basic Graphics – Input Handling
  • Assignments on playing audio and playing video
  • Accessing Files system, SD Cards
  • Data Binding, Content Provider, SQLite overview
  • Assignments and exposure to Lab infrastructure
  • UI design aspects of Applications
  • Gestures/click handling/touch
  • Instant UI Elements at runtime
  • Views and Conversations with views

Unit 4 – 3D graphics in Android Widget and OpenGL

  • Other authentic views in Android
  • Android Widget Development
  • Introduction to OpenGL
  • Using Threads and Models
  • Texture in OpenGL
  • Create a application in OpenGL

Unit 5 – Android Networking

  • How to Access the Internet?
  • use of Web services
  • Use of Java and Java Script
  • Location Sensing
  • Client Server Programming
  • Working with XML/JSON
  • SMS

Unit 6 – Complete App Development

  • Developing live modules and Application
  • Exposure to development on Phones/Tablets/Settopbox.
  • Developing custom launchers and Splash Screen.
  • Applications utilizing location and maps
  • Contact with full software lifecycle for market launch as needed.

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